There’s Never A Convenient Time For A Leak

When your cleaning up for the night at 9.45pm the last thing you need to hear is tap tap tap at quite a high frequency. 

That’s exactly what happened to me last night. After some plastering work on the window wall in our kitchen I was just getting ready to go for a shower to go to bed when I heard the drip coming through our ceiling somewhere near the hall. 

A shout from the bedroom “is that dripping?” Confirmed that we did have an issue. Grabbing a nearby bucket and doing a closer inspection I could only see it coming through from one side of a partition wall. The drip steadied and slowed down after 1 minute or so I thought. Panic over…not really.

It’s amazing at this point the things that we do to confirm that everything will be alright. After trying the door of our neighbours upstairs to no avail with no car outside I had to sit it out and hope that he would be back that night. Going back into the living room sitting in front of the bucket I opened the stopwatch on the clock app and proceeded to set laps every time I heard the drip to basically tell myself that yes there is water is coming through the ceiling but it’s fine, it’s stopping, aye right! The time between the drips went back to 12.67 seconds and I then went and lay in bed, put suits on and tried to calm myself down. 

15 mins later…drip…drip…………….drip…drip!

Shit! You’re kidding me on! 

Back into the hall and there’s another drip coming through. Out comes the bin bag from the bin and we have another bucket collecting water from god knows where.

Is upstairs central heating, is it the dishwasher? I can’t hear a washing machine so it must be one of the two. Surely, it never took a full 24 hours after the high winds of Hurricane Ophelia to allow water to come through upstairs without being noticed into our place?

Back to bed to sit it out and wait for the rumbling of a Subaru engine to confirm that our neighbour is back. 

This time a minute or so passes and I think I’m losing it and that I can hear another drip. I open the shoe cupboard door in the bedroom…SHIIIT! The shelves and shoes are soaked, I look up and the ceiling is cracked, stained and has a fairly steady drip of water coming through. 

Emergency procedures complete, those shoes aren’t soaked are moved out of the cupboard and replaced with towels and I retire to the couch by the window to wait like a kid does for their mum or dad to come home.

Eventually, at about 12am, whilst Mike Ross has been caught putting Louis down in Suits, I hear the best noise I’ve heard in a while. The grumbling of that infamous Subaru engine…he’s home.

After explaining the situation he runs upstairs to check. He comes back to say that everything is bone dry. It can’t be, surely it’s not gonna be under the floor, please don’t let it be under the floor. He invites me in to try and show where it’s coming through from.

After a 5 minute search we find his towel cupboard drenched and that the water is coming from his attic. 

At this point I actually felt elated, for the past couple of hours I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out what it could be that has caused it. They always say that worrying is a waste of energy and it’s never been more true than at that moment.

I jump back down to ours, grab steps the investigation heads to the attic. We find a sodden floor below a hot water pipe and remove the insulation around it. There is water pissing out of three small holes across a length just shy of a metre. 

How the hell does that happen? I’ve never seen a copper pipe with small holes formed away from any fittings in a warm place?!

After a few minutes, we work out that with stuff I have for the kitchen renovation we can turn the water off out in the street, cut the affected piece of pipe out and replace it with a new piece and a couple of compression fittings. 

All in it took us till about 2.30am to fix the problem and shake hands in that manly way and go home happy. 

Before this I had only met the guy upstairs once to introduce myself, and here we were working together calmly in a kind of home crisis situation, having a laugh and taking control of the situation.

I love that, I absolutely love that! At our essence we our cooperative problem solvers that can make the best out of any situation if we really want too.

It turns out there is no convenient time to have a leak in your house but no matter the time, we can pull together and get the job done!

Keep learning, solving problems and pushing forward! 

Breaking Down Walls

Literally and figuratively I find myself breaking down some sort of wall continuously over the past few years. Suzy said to me the other day that my philosophy for life these days is pretty much – fuck it!, hammer, smash. I can’t deny that I was proud of that.

Looking back I don’t really know where it came from but these past few years have been the most bullish for me and to be honest it’s been nothing short of amazing for me.  Each individual wall probably isn’t that impressive on its own but pieced together on a journey that has taken me from one side of the world to the other, from new beginnings to feeling part of something amazing and then back to new beginnings again and again.

Emigrating to Western Australia with Suzy, starting out and then completely changing what I did for a wage, moving to the desert, moving back home again, starting over in a new career, getting involved in my life long dream of a property development, getting married to the love of my life in Vegas, finding out we’re going to have a baby, setting up a new company to be part of the tech revolution and then ripping apart our place in an attempt at nesting before March comes around. 

It has been the quickest few years of my life by far, ultimately it has been amazing and there have without a doubt been several instalments into what I will forever look back on as the good old days for the rest of my days. 

So going forward I guess it’ll have to be a bit more Fuck It! Hammer, Smash.

Allowing companionship to make your life better

Without companionship I would not be as happy as I am in my life just now and to be honest most of the experiences that I hold dear probably wouldn’t have the same allure.   Taking the time to bathe in amazing moments with our companions can only heighten our feelings of joy and pleasure.

One of my favourite pictures that sits in our living room is one taken in April 2016 of my dog Leo and I walking along a dirt track in Queen Elizabeth Forest on the banks of Loch Drunkie.  It was approaching sunset and the shadows of the trees and both of us are cast long and the raw image looks like it has been enhanced for maximum effect but it is indeed a raw image and feels like it should be an advert for companionship.

Looking back on that day and using the photo for inspiration it only highlights to me the importance of companionship.  On a day when I wanted to go fishing on my own I now have some amazing shared memories like going down a dodgy steep bank sneaking through trees, watching Leo work out how the hell to get down to Suzy and I, getting the rods set up and catching a few fish, laughing at Suzy trying to cast in between trees and I wouldn’t have one of the best photos that represents the companionship that I felt and feel with Leo.  I do believe that it is important to take time to yourself and centre yourself  but on this and so many other occasions sharing the experience with Suzy and Leo completely 10x’d the experience for me.  Besides, I got to have my alone time as Suzy and Leo both fell asleep for about an hour snuggled up behind each other.


At the end of the day were social animals but when we are presented with an option to just sit in and chill and bask in our own company watching a square box flash lights at us or head out with friends or family then we have to take the latter and make the most of it  by throwing everything at it.  There are so many variables and possibilities from maximising our companionship muscles that we should share as much as we can with those we love human or otherwise at any given point.

What are doing today or tonight? First, take a moment to think about the amount of time that we will be dead for. Now that you have let that sink in get on the phone, round up the troops and go make some amazing memories.

– GR

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In a constant obsession of “what its all about” I’m starting to focus on experiences as being the most important thing that we can appreciate, specifically moments.  It is the hardest thing to grab hold of a moment and appreciate it whilst still being in it and giving it your all.  Usually though, these heightened moments are appreciated after the event.

I have a dog called Leo, a black and white shih-tzu that I have shared so many moments with over the last 12 years. We recently found out that he is in heart failure, and won’t have much more time.  Obviously, this was horrible to hear and the denial set in for sure.  But it got me thinking of some of the moments that we shared, picking him up from Santosha in Nantwich and seeing him for the first time when he ran straight to me knocking himself over by wagging his tail so hard, the first time he jumped in a pond after the ducks, the crazy running spells he would have when you pushed him twice or three times and many more.  What really blows my mind is the fact that all of these moments can be replayed in my mind in such a short period of time despite them taking place over a much larger timeline.  Does he think of the same thing?  Does he remember moments in his life? Does he hold me in the same light as I do him?

– GR

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