I have tried to write this page probably about 8 times by this point with some drafts even starting from before I was born.  Others have timelined my life and then some others have just looked at an high level overviews of my life.

This version is more of a boiled down version that would be a waste for Ed Norton to narrate in the film version of my life.

I’ve had the privilege to experience some amazing joys in my life so far and plan to continue that trend but to experience the highs I must realise, embrace and learn from the lows that allow the highs.

In a nutshell I was born in Glasgow, Scotland grew up here left to live in Australia with the grand plan of living there for the foreseeable only to knock back two sponsorship offers and return to Glasgow to savour time with my family, enjoy more football and attempt to realise some of my dreams and goals that I have set for myself.  I am delighted to have found an amazing woman to share my life with and even more so to have married Suzy in Vegas last September, this feels so natural to say but there were long periods of time where I didn’t think that I could ever have found someone that would make my life this amazing.

If I had another chance I wish I had been blogging since I was 10 just so I could have a read through some of my thoughts from times that have probably escaped the highlight reel in my head. I don’t though…so I will start from here with 33 years of experience on this planet with goals to develop property and build a business that serves not only its owners but everyone involved.

So this is it, it won’t be anything in particular but merely a documentation of my thoughts at any given time, there will be updates on my path to the goals outlined above along with everything else in between.

– GR

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