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Commuting for work, social nights out and shopping is almost engrained in western culture.

Who does it benefit? It used to be for bigger property or more land or better schools.

Nowadays it’s an add on of the rat race, new properties are smaller, gardens are tighter and prices are higher. But the majority still have to commute for most of their tasks.

Days gone by churches used to be a social hub of the community, in the present day this isn’t really an attractive prospect for many and the community suffers.

Can we change this going forward, will we be working from local work stations or hubs where businesses rent desks in local areas for their employees. Not in the centralised offices of most cities?

A model like this enables much more local businesses to succeed off of the back of a local workforce.

It allows families to spend more time together, for people of different industries and backgrounds to hear about each other’s ideas and make new connections.

It would bring a better sense of community as people can socialise locally with other members of their own community.

Not to mention the added benefits and reduced costs of less cars on the roads and less miles being driven.

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