Get curious

As simple as it sounds we all loose our childlike curiosity as we get out of school and out into the real world.

If we are stuck in a job that we’re not happy in or find ourselves bored by what we spend your time doing we can practice curiosity to open up new opportunities in life.

Again if we are stuck in a dead end job the best way to get out of that job is to own it, try to learn new things about it, and put in practice every day to allow ourselves to open up to what we might not know.

If we only get one shot at it there is an unbelievable amount of skills, hobbies, crafts and sports we can pick up if we’re curious. We can set ourselves a goal of learning a new skill or sport every quarter. And if we find something we love stuck with it and develop it further.

The same goes for relationships, we can all to easily feel like we know everything about our partners but in all honesty there is an insane amount of things we don’t know about them. Get curious and ask about things that you have never taken the time to ask about beforehand.

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