Lessons from a strip club

I still remember the night I first walked into a strip club, I was working in a club just up the road at the time and due to it being the summer we had completely ran out of ice. I got the tap on the shoulder, do you want to go down to Seventh Heaven and grab as much ice as you can…say no more, I’m your man!

About 2-3 months passed and I was asked to work on the bar in the same club on the nights that we were closed. Again, I’m your man.

It was weird at first I’ll say that and I was probably the shyest I had ever been in any job I’ve ever had. That didn’t last long though and before long I was in my element.

All in all I spent just under 2 years on 3 separate spells working in this strip club and off course there are funny stories but along the way I had a few great take aways that have stuck with me even until now 15 years later.

1. Real Estate Investing

Before long I got to know most of the girls that worked in the club and with my natural curiosity and nosey buggeredness I was getting schooled on building a portfolio of properties. Buying a reasonably run down property with a 10% deposit at the time, having enough money to renovate this property then remortgaging, releasing the equity that you put in and moving onto the next one. Buy, fix, remortgage repeat.

At this time, I don’t like the exposure but still a great simple insight into the property game.

2. Sudoku

First time I was shown and taught how to play this game was during a shift, the first couple of hours were always completely empty, plenty of time to learn how to do sudoku, Never had a teacher in a G-string before.

3. A dance costs £10-20 but manners cost nothing.

It often amazed me the amount of guys that would come in and literally treat these girls like they were meat, being unbelievably rude, cheeky and down right abusive.

As obvious as it sounds if one of the girls got knocked back 3-4 times in a row it would completely knock their confidence and self esteem.

A dance costs £10-£20 but manners cost nothing, do the right thing.

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