The evolution of Sunday’s

It was once the day of the sabbath. It started that way as a child, probably more play than nothing. Lying on my dads back watching scotsport.

It then all of a sudden became the day before going back to school which took away the weekend vibe it should have had because of the early to bed part.

Then it was the dread of having to go back to school the next day.

Then it was the day off, the real lie in day with nothing to do.

Then it was date night.

Soon it became Sunday Session.

Then just a day.

Not long after it became one of the busy days in the restaurant.

Then is was RDO Sundays (registered day off) every fortnight either in recovery mode or up and back on it.

Back to chilled Sundays.

For the past year it’s been DIY day, with a mammoth list of to do’s.

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