The craziness of lone driving

I’m sitting at a bus stop right now and the last 20 cars in the cue (that reaches easily a mile long) have had only had one person in them.

This mile long traffic jam probably consists of only 100 people that are happy to sit in one lane as the other has been given to buses, taxis and cyclists.

About 6 weeks ago this used to be me, sitting in a traffic jam all the way to work and sitting in one most of the way home. It’s bonkers, pure and simple.

I’m now sitting on a comfy leather seat upstairs on the number 6, we’re flying by jeeps, fords and even a hummer all with one person in them. There’s even a brand new Porsche crawling along in first gear.

It’s easy to make excuses about why we need the car but really we don’t, we’re pumping so much crap into the environment without a care in the world. We can say that we try to be environmentally friendly but if we’re honest it’s nonsense.

I was roughly £50 a week in fuel, about the same per month on road tax and a bit more on insurance. Not counting any maintenance to keep the heavy guzzling machine on the road. Now I’m £44 a month and I can go anywhere in the city,

We need to have a long hard look at ourselves and do some things differently. Car sharing could be a good place to start, getting the bus would be better and getting the train would be even better. Bring on the Tesla buses that’s where we need to be.

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