Making, just making!

It’s the easiest thing to just consume in this day and age. There is a market for near enough everything.

We no longer need to be at home or have a chunky laptop to consume TV programs. We can walk into any shop and there is an im entire aisle solely for sweets.

Too much indulgence in sweet things and filling every moment of spare time watching Netflix in the house, YouTube on the bus, and Instagram on the toilet can easily lead to an unhappy existence where we can’t even come close to competing with the manufactured lifestyles we consume.

Far better to produce, get building, make something. Make something happen, whether it be in your personal life or your professional career.

Make a new bond with a stranger.

Make a shed in the garden to allow you to make more things.

Make your wife, husband, partner the sole focus of your next week.

Make up a new blog.

Make a website.

Make a podcast.

Make a short film.

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