Breaking Down Walls

Literally and figuratively I find myself breaking down some sort of wall continuously over the past few years. Suzy said to me the other day that my philosophy for life these days is pretty much – fuck it!, hammer, smash. I can’t deny that I was proud of that.

Looking back I don’t really know where it came from but these past few years have been the most bullish for me and to be honest it’s been nothing short of amazing for me.  Each individual wall probably isn’t that impressive on its own but pieced together on a journey that has taken me from one side of the world to the other, from new beginnings to feeling part of something amazing and then back to new beginnings again and again.

Emigrating to Western Australia with Suzy, starting out and then completely changing what I did for a wage, moving to the desert, moving back home again, starting over in a new career, getting involved in my life long dream of a property development, getting married to the love of my life in Vegas, finding out we’re going to have a baby, setting up a new company to be part of the tech revolution and then ripping apart our place in an attempt at nesting before March comes around. 

It has been the quickest few years of my life by far, ultimately it has been amazing and there have without a doubt been several instalments into what I will forever look back on as the good old days for the rest of my days. 

So going forward I guess it’ll have to be a bit more Fuck It! Hammer, Smash.

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