Allowing companionship to make your life better

Without companionship I would not be as happy as I am in my life just now and to be honest most of the experiences that I hold dear probably wouldn’t have the same allure.   Taking the time to bathe in amazing moments with our companions can only heighten our feelings of joy and pleasure.

One of my favourite pictures that sits in our living room is one taken in April 2016 of my dog Leo and I walking along a dirt track in Queen Elizabeth Forest on the banks of Loch Drunkie.  It was approaching sunset and the shadows of the trees and both of us are cast long and the raw image looks like it has been enhanced for maximum effect but it is indeed a raw image and feels like it should be an advert for companionship.

Looking back on that day and using the photo for inspiration it only highlights to me the importance of companionship.  On a day when I wanted to go fishing on my own I now have some amazing shared memories like going down a dodgy steep bank sneaking through trees, watching Leo work out how the hell to get down to Suzy and I, getting the rods set up and catching a few fish, laughing at Suzy trying to cast in between trees and I wouldn’t have one of the best photos that represents the companionship that I felt and feel with Leo.  I do believe that it is important to take time to yourself and centre yourself  but on this and so many other occasions sharing the experience with Suzy and Leo completely 10x’d the experience for me.  Besides, I got to have my alone time as Suzy and Leo both fell asleep for about an hour snuggled up behind each other.


At the end of the day were social animals but when we are presented with an option to just sit in and chill and bask in our own company watching a square box flash lights at us or head out with friends or family then we have to take the latter and make the most of it  by throwing everything at it.  There are so many variables and possibilities from maximising our companionship muscles that we should share as much as we can with those we love human or otherwise at any given point.

What are doing today or tonight? First, take a moment to think about the amount of time that we will be dead for. Now that you have let that sink in get on the phone, round up the troops and go make some amazing memories.

– GR

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