In a constant obsession of “what its all about” I’m starting to focus on experiences as being the most important thing that we can appreciate, specifically moments.  It is the hardest thing to grab hold of a moment and appreciate it whilst still being in it and giving it your all.  Usually though, these heightened moments are appreciated after the event.

I have a dog called Leo, a black and white shih-tzu that I have shared so many moments with over the last 12 years. We recently found out that he is in heart failure, and won’t have much more time.  Obviously, this was horrible to hear and the denial set in for sure.  But it got me thinking of some of the moments that we shared, picking him up from Santosha in Nantwich and seeing him for the first time when he ran straight to me knocking himself over by wagging his tail so hard, the first time he jumped in a pond after the ducks, the crazy running spells he would have when you pushed him twice or three times and many more.  What really blows my mind is the fact that all of these moments can be replayed in my mind in such a short period of time despite them taking place over a much larger timeline.  Does he think of the same thing?  Does he remember moments in his life? Does he hold me in the same light as I do him?

– GR

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